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Brow Lamination Patch Test Kit

£10.00 inc VAT

£10.00 inc VAT


Brow Lamination Patch Test Kit

£10.00 inc VAT



The Patch test kit is the key to giving you the hottest new brow trend to your clients! All our products in our ProSpa Brow Lamination kit are hand tested and created for technicians in the beauty industry. Our test kits allow you to ensure that there are no allergies or serious skin reactions to the product. Start off by using this as a test and then feel free to buy any of our Brow Lamination kits/ products.
  1. Cleanse a small area of the skin behind the ear or the inner surface of the elbow
  2. Apply a small droplet of each of the products provided in the patch test pack to an area of the skin making sure they are more than 15cm apart.
  3. This step needs to be repeated with each product within your packet, in different areas on the skin please note if your have a tint included in your kit, it needs to be mixed with the tint developer first. If you have a henna kit the powder needs to be mixed with a few droplets of water.
  4. You should leave the mixture on your skin between 24-48 hours and then rinse off with a cleanser as you normally would.
  5. If there is no irritation or inflammation in the area, then it is assumed that there is no hypersensitivity to the products.

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With our Patch Test Kit give your brows a clean, full and thicker finished look with our Lamination Products/ Lamination Kit , creating a natural face lift illusion and completely transforming your look to a more neat, clean look. Ensure that you leave the product mixture on your skin from 24-48 hours and then rinse off with a cleanser as you normally would! If you see that there’s not irritation in the area then it’s assumed that there’s no hypersensitivity to the products.


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