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ProSpa Ear Seeds | 600 Pack




ProSpa Ear Seeds | 600 Pack




Invest in our ProSpa Ear Seeds to add pressure based Ear Seeding to your treatment list. Integrate traditional Chinese therapies into your business.
Can be directly used, tear off tape direct stickers in ear acupoint can work, convenient and safe.

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Ear Seeds by ProSpa

Used in treatments as a form of physical therapy towards common issues including migraines, chronic pain, sleep difficulty and stress, Ear Seeds are typically applied to specific pressure points by trained technicians. For example, this 600 pack of Ear Seeds come pre-attached to an adhesive tape that trained professionals can apply to different parts of the ear in order to relieve these typical symptoms. Finally, ear seeds provide lighter stimulation than acupuncture but stay on the skin for a longer period of time.

  • 600 Ear Seed Pack
  • Suitable for Ear Seeding Pressure Treatments
  • Browse our holistic treatment range
  • Perfect for Salons, Spas and Mobile Technicians

A little bit about us:

In ProSpa Beauty, we’ve developed a dynamic, commercially strong brand, which has been lovingly crafted for the modern Beautician and beauty clinic business, an aspect of which we are very proud of. Having been within the hair and beauty industry for over 30 years, we have the experience and knowledge when it comes to producing the best possible products and tools essential for any beautician. We are passionate about delivering on innovation, service and quality.

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